1. Basic Knowledge


- What is Selfmaker Technology?

Selfmaker Technology is a company based in Poland, that is designing and manufacturing multifunctional, self-service devices, integrational tools and software adjusted to current and future clients needs.

- What is Selfmaker Smart Solutions?

Selfmaker Smart Solutions is newly established company, based in Dubai, which role is to legally carry out the tokenization process.

- What is the difference between Selfmaker Technology and Selfmaker Smart Solutions?

While Selfmaker Technology is our main company, that manufactures technological devices and designs software, with main role to invest, to develop, and to grow, Selfmaker Smart Solution is daughter-company, established in United Arab Emirates to simplify, and legally support process of tokenization. Selfmaker Smart Solution owns 25% of shares in Selfmaker Technology, and will be fully tokenized.

- What is the tokenization process (STO)?

Tokenization is a form of business digitalization, based on decentralized blockchain technology. In this process tokens are emitted by smart contract mechanism every time specific amount of funds is transferred to it’s address. Every token is directly related with the project, and represents part of tokenized company ownership.

- What is the goal of tokenization?

Tokenization is very similar to traditional IPO but more progressive method of investing in companies that need funds on future development process in exchange for shares of the company. Basically fundraising is the main goal of tokenization.

- Why have we chosen tokenization (STO)?

Tokenization has got many advantages over traditional public offering model. The biggest of them is simplicity. Digital assets as opposed to traditional ones don’t need any middleman (brokers) to invest in them, transfer them or to trade them on the markets. Thanks to it, every investor can have direct care for their assets, what allows to react in no time on dynamically changing market situation. Another advantage is fact, that for decentralized assets there are no country borders, anyone can be investor no matter which part of the world he lives in


2. How to participate?


- How to buy the SSS token?

First step is registering on Selfmaker Smart Solutions platform. On the platform you will be asked to proceed through KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure, which is obligatory and requires to provide us with your personal informations and documents. If your identity is confirmed, you are qualified to buy digital representation of SSS tokens, by sending desired amount of funds (in BTC, ETH etc.) on one of our address. Number of bought assets will visible only for you on the platform dashboard. Around half of 2020 official SSS Wallet will be released, and after merging your address with platform account, real SSS tokens will be present on your wallet.

- Who can become Selfmaker Smart Solutions investor?

Investor of Selfmaker Smart Solutions can be anyone who registers on the platform, passes through KYC process, and sends funds on our smart contract address during the STO period. Due to legal situation we are forced to exclude US citizens, and the citizens of other countries where law will not allow their people to participate.

- What documents should I read before participating?

The main document that you should read before participating is SSS Whitepaper. Whitepapers pages contain most crucial informations about whole project, technical data, explanation of legal issues and introduction of team members.

We also advise to read all the content on our website and keep up to date with our social media, to be always well informed about news around tokenization process.

- How do I know whether I am legally allowed to participate?

Our STO is open for everyone who completes KYC process, but due to legal reasons we have right to exclude citizens of specified countries (f.e. USA) and their representatives.

- Is there a minimum or maximum amount of funds I can participate with?

Yes. The minimum amount of funds to participate in SSS token offering is 500$. Maximum amount is not specified.

- How many SSS tokens are available to buy in STO (hardcap)?

We offer 25 million SSS tokens, with reserved right to additional emissions of 10 million tokens.


3. Selfmaker Smart Solution – SSS token


- What is SSS token?

SSS Token is cryptographic representation of Selfmaker Smart Solution shares. Every token is a small part of Selfmaker Smart Solution ownership. SSS token is the token of ERC-20 type, what means it is based on Ethereum blockchain.

- What makes SSS token different from other tokens? What does SSS token offer that others do not?

The main difference that lets SSS stand out from other tokens on the market is that it represents real economic value. Purchasing SSS token you are truly becoming a shareholder of Selfmaker Smart Solution company and indirectly also Selfmaker Technology. That lets you take profits from the development and growth of said companies in two ways. One is basically increase of token value over time, and second is Tokenda – part of companies profits shared between token holders.

- What is Tokenda?

Together with investments and development of Selfmaker Technology, will come profits. Part of the profits will be distributed among token holders, proportionally to their SSS holdings. Condition required to receive Tokenda is “freezing” desired amount of tokens on the platform, what prevents from transferring or trading them. Tokendas will be distributed yearly, but their height is calculated monthly. If one freezes tokens for 4 months, their Tokenda will be 4/12 of full quota. First Tokenda is planned for distribution in 3 years from now.

- When do I get SSS tokens?

Directly after participating in SSS token offering you will get the representation of purchased tokens visible only on Selfmaker Smart Solutions platform. Later, around half of 2020 real tokens will be distributed among STO participants, but they will become fully transferable no earlier than after reaching predicted hardcap, or STO deadline.

- Why should I hold SSS token?

Holding SSS tokens give their owners right to receive their part of Selfmaker Smart Solution profits in the form of Tokenda. Second reason is that with growth of Selfmaker Smart Solution, the economic value of SSS token will also increase, making profit for their holders. It is also a way to show the support for Selfmaker company and their way to development

- What other rights do SSS token holders have?

Apart form mentioned above, SSS token holders have right to take part in Selfmaker Smart Solutions affiliate program.

What is Selfmaker Smart Solutions affiliate program?

SSS affiliate program was introduced to encourage token holders to actively spread word about Selfmaker Smart Solutions, building strong network effect and attracting more involved people around the project. Every token holder has the possibility to be part of existing structure, or to build new one himself. Token holder receives some profits from every new active investor (STO participant) that was invited to their structure.


4. Legal questions


- Do contributors need to go through KYC procedures during STO?

Yes. Completing KYC procedures is mandatory. Without proceeding through KYC you will not be able to participate in the process of Security Token Offering.

- Why are you building Selfmaker Smart Solutions under the UAE law?

United Arab Emirates is the place very open for innovation, where law is more blockchain-friendly. That makes tokenization process quicker, more simple and legal in all the needed aspects.

- What is the Blacklist of countries participating in Selfmaker Smart Solutions STO?

For now, the only country excluded from Selfmaker Smart Solutions STO is United States. But we reserve the right to exclude residents of other countries, due to dynamically changing jurisdiction.


5. Conclusion


- Where can I get more specific informations?

We advise to carefully read SSS whitepaper. You will find all the useful informations there.